Economy Extortion

by Progress Of Inhumanity

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7" release through Noise Effect distro.


released July 19, 2013



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Progress Of Inhumanity Αθήνα, Greece

Furious grindcore from Athens/Greece

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Track Name: Unresolved
I’ve got sickness / Sickness called life / Burning from inside / That you can not buy / Words mean nothing , actions and silence / Mind as weapon, the new way of violence / Don’t try to justify / Plain words naïve / Society melts down / The fairytales you eat / I don’t believe a word.
Track Name: Spy Without Gun
Aren’t you ever satisfied? / Your hunger never stops / Always taking never giving / Sharpen the blade behind my back / Kill the sheep so the shepherd can survive / Calling it progress left to die / Lives at stake, cold wage slave / Pawns in a system you helped create / Misdirection over confrontation / Spy without gun / Aren’t you ever satisfied? / Your hunger never stops / Stalk on the prey, the hunt begins / Feed on the other, today’s disease / Mass media frenzy for the stupid to believe / Spreading the lies I know that you will / Misdirection over confrontation / Spy without gun.
Track Name: Economy Extortion
Down from your pockets / Bring out your rules / Bring out your misery to the majority of fools / Raging unemployment / Starvation leads to violence / Chaos increased / See who wins, see who loses / Save yourself but no one else / Invest your cash somewhere else / Bring out starvation seizure of the land / Calculated numbers this is a plan / Save yourself but no one else.
Track Name: All Looks No Substance (Never Trust A Hipster)
Find the hype, search and type / Make it fast before it’s late / Wear this shirt, make your blend / You are just another trend / Trying so hard, escape from the mass / False guided acts prove that you won’t last / Apple mac but vintage stuff / Sport your gudgets like a star / Comment that, comment this / Like I ever gave a shit / Buy the magazine, worship the elite / You become the one, who teach you not to be / Fuck your looks with no substance.
Track Name: Coalition
That’s the game that’s played / Beliefs that are betrayed / For the greater good of profit / The present brings despair / For a future unconceived / Things have done and past mistakes / Are cunningly concealed / Parents, teachers, preachers / Submit to propaganda / Smiles of insecurity / Majority controls / What you think you know is nothing anymore / Your rhetoric won’t save you, surreal total loss / Don’t think, don’t act, don’t mind the gap / Force in, cave in, monsters now will take control / For the greater good of profit.
Track Name: Lightsaviour
Going after the light of seed / Blocked by walls of self-deceit / Whirlwinds of thoughts , structure of hopes / Guiding the shades in this fictional cage / Climb try to climb try to overpower all disarray / Full of grief they dance in vain / Lost in a dogma of commands / Figuring the way out / Holy light guides them through / Claustrophobic tensions / In manufactured fear of life / Trapped within this state of mind.
Track Name: Sweaty Hands
Slaves of our time, struggle again / Awareness lost in the index of clock / Pushing for more, a constant hunt for a shallow prize / Armpits are wet, there is sweat on hands, blood pressure is up but the reports are out / Blinded by illusions of total success / Drifting away, straying away / Deals and bills surpass life / No time to rest from this daily mess / Inner demons clinging on, clarity conceal / Thinking of deadlines, and not the line of death / Trapped in a personal void / Armpits are wet, there is sweat on hands, blood pressure is up but the reports are out.
Track Name: Safety Off
Keeping an eye behind your back / Always aware watch every move / Keeping your distance trust now is gone / Beware of lies and selfish acts / Insecure reactions of fear and prejudice / Staring down the misery the newest disposition / Pressure and grief have set in / Constant fear of losing grip / Feel no safe in your own surroundings / Media forces lock you in / Safety lost within / Everyone is armed and frightened / Decadent relationships / Everyone is armed and frightened / Terror lurks in Tv screens / Locked doors – locking hearts / Scared face – empty glimpse / Privacy – property / You’re no safe, deal with it.
Track Name: Adapt
Led by some higher lines, the efforts to fit in / Succumb to the principles of patronized beliefs / Slumped in desperation to reside in something / Egoistic tempters colonized in classes / It’s the fear of missing out / A false socialization / Neglect and rejection / Surfacing subconsciously.