Split w/ Head Cleaner (12" LP)

by Progress Of Inhumanity

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12" split release w/ Head Cleaner through Screaming Victims distro.


released October 22, 2014



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Progress Of Inhumanity Αθήνα, Greece

Furious grindcore from Athens/Greece

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Track Name: Expendable Bliss
Redefining the keys of bliss / A well played game of deceit
Set to run after the merchandise / Expendable tags of fortune

Building a future of concrete fate / Falling into the lair of debt
Just to fulfill a desperate need of artificial joy

Bridled by massive subjection / Thrown into a pile of brands

Products of intolerance / Purchase more to feed the greed
Draw a smile on your face / Makes you feel good ,makes you bright

Climb the ladder to pursue / Bigger bags with bigger hopes
Now your wishes become true

Materialistic lust of everything
Track Name: Bonghead Haunt
You think you're bright and blissful
With your grass driven chants
But all this piled up wisdom ends up with a bong

You support the mob
And your local dealers
Intoxicated blood keeps you high,keeps you numb

You think pot is different / But bucks go to the same pocket
How can you change the world if you don't change yourself?

Our littlest coin is their wealth / And the haunts are maintained

Chemical dependency / A system that you support
Stop complaining about their trade
Clear your mind and smash 'em
Track Name: ...And The Circus Still In Town
You discovered Down in 2010
When I spinned their first record you were only ten

Your rocking Thursdays downtown are finally over
You must jump up to the next trend on time

Don't look at me with these fake red eyes
You ain't got no monopoly on beards and hash

There's no wildlife on this concrete land
Your desert dreams are ruined by cars and horns

Hiding your metal shirts / Now they're not cool enough
You made it to a Clutch show, but Switchblade played for none!!

You listen to songs about the Mississippi river
I bet you don't even know in which state it really is
This hype is coming to an end/And you're going down with it

Kyuss ruled, YOU DON'T!
Track Name: False Pride
Rooted ideals and manipulated virtues
A miserable mode to stand out and tread on others

Sciolism / Ignorance/Enmity
Dazzled by the headlights of a false pride

Exacting the glory of others' achievements
Gratifying one's self while doing nothing

Vacuity / Misery / Blind Hate
Compensate your ego with false supplements

Seek-False pride
Teach-False pride
Narrow minds

Compensate your ego with false supplements
Track Name: Talk The Walk
Your couch is your God / A fortress where you lurk

Talkin' trash,criticizing, judging everyone
The only interest is keeping up with shit

Empty life, replete envy
Full of pettiness
Compensating for your depth of misery

So go ahead, please judge me once again!

Show your shit
Name your hatred
Deem my choice

Get off my back / Get a life / Or drown in grime
Track Name: Boss's Pet (Stomp On Your Own Kind)
Led by your hunger for money and higher class
You chase your boss's favor by stomping on your own kind

You know shit about esprit de corps
Boss's pet

Pressing with your rules / Military standards
Fake interest for the colleagues

Repress, subdue,restrain
Filthy servant of the upper class
Opposing your likes
Repress, subdue, restrain

You are everything but congenial
When the rocks smash your icon, try to find your
haven on the upper layers
Track Name: Assimilation Weight
9 to 5 captivity
Nameless faces
Drowning in slime

Born a slave / Reborn as hatred and rage

Blood pressure rising
Filling up ashtrays

Assimilation / Useless relation
Pressed to succeed

Incessant downfall
Incessant ridicule

Be tough to unbound
Track Name: Herbs Fringe
Preaching bullshit everyday / Our position just deteriorates
Tiring your jaws off all the way / Ending up graphical, gone astray

Were it for humans. Would it be the same?
Or is it just a phony trend?
How is it supposed to work?

Well paid documentaries made you think
Animal cruelty is the worst thing
But are you really into it?
Or will you leave it all go past?

Waking up conscience is a tough thing
As every time,there is a right way
Busting balls brings the opposite
Insults and bad jokes won't bring any effect
Track Name: Yearning Vastness
Like a curse that's embedded within
A malfunction of man's sentience
Desiring and craving for more
Continuous vacuity of lust

Delusive commodity subjected everyday
To retain a specific order

Virtues deflected
Prudence carved into matter

Sell yourself to utter nothingness
Track Name: The Shift Delusion
Serving masters a table at a time
Make them happy / Quench their thirst and egos

Always there,always on time at their order
Wear your smile, show that you care, but be discreet

A big tip is what you'll always get
And that is all 'cause you don't belong to them

Uniform check / The separation line
Never forget / You're just a hired cone

You will always be a fuckin' employee

Always there, always on time at their order
Wear your smile, show that you care, but be discreet